Tell a story of your family, your child, your life... in a motion picture.  These movies involve extensive advance planning and consultation... a process of creating a project from beginning to end that is far more contemplative than a photography session alone.   When creating a movie for you and your family, I will include a miniature photography session, as well.  The end result is whatever our shared vision allows us to create.  Booking fee for movie project is $285.  Finished projects start at $1200. 

In addition to movies, I offer three unique photography session types.  Choose the session that best meets your individual needs.

{Artisan Session}

For clients who want the whole experience and who hope to achieve the broad scope of a variety of images, an entire artistic look at your child/family and beautifully finished photographs produced to my exacting standards. 

*Includes one session with unlimited session time and clothing changes and one complimentary milestone session within twelve months of your artisan session.  Milestone sessions take place on specific days each month in the studio.
*Includes pre-session phone consultation in which we discuss your wants, needs and personal style so that I can achieve the best possible results for you and your family.
*In-person ordering session will take place in the studio (weekdays or weekday evenings) approximately two weeks after your photo session.
*Final results of the artisan session are beautiful artwork, fully retouched and carefully finished as signed canvases, prints, albums, books, etc., the vast majority of whic are produced in-house to my own high standard of perfection.
*Includes option to purchase digital files in addition to finished artwork (most collections include gifts of some digital files, as well as printed proofs of all your gallery images and DVD slideshows on disk).
*Session fee is $195 (add $50 for weekend or location sessions)

{Session in Miniature}

For clients with children six months or older, Sessions in Miniature are limited to certain weekdays each month and are always in the studio.  These sessions are great for capturing milestones, as well as allowing for more frequent visits to the studio without necessarily having the entire experience each time.  These sessions allow you to capture great photographs of your children in a more limited setting that is less customized and much shorter than artisan sessions, as well as being a lower session fee. 

*Shorter than artisan sessions (30 to 45 minutes) and less personalized than artisan sessions - I follow my tried-and-true approach to creating beautiful images of children at different ages. 
*In-person ordering session in the studio on particular weekdays that are scheduled when you book your session (approximately two weeks after your Session in Miniature).
*Session fee is $95 and includes a 30 to 45-minute session in the studio with a single background.

{Masterpiece Commissions}

A Masterpiece Commission is a true partnership of the artist photographer and the client and is intended to create completely unique and custom artwork, installation or conceptual portrait of you, your children, your family, your pets, your friends, or whatever your heart desires.  The Masterpiece Session allows for an endless array of opportunities to create art.  If you have a specific idea or a desire to create something truly original, Masterpiece Commission rates vary from project to project, depending on the time, skill and materials required to achieve the finished work.  Masterpiece Commissions allow for travel (domestic or international) on request.  Contact me for more information and to discuss concepts, both yours and mine.