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Oh, The Places You’ll Go.


Travel.  Revitalizing, inspiring, always an adventure.  This January, after skiing with my husband and kids (a wonderful time and another story for another day), I was fortunate to get to go on a trip to Southern California with my mom and sister for ten fabulous days.  Having grown up the two daughters of a single mom, we spent most of our childhood just us and Mom.  Since we’ve been adults, though, things have changed a lot (all for the better… step-dad, step-brothers, husband, children…).  It has been decades since we’ve spent any significant time together just the three of us.  For Christmas, my awesome step-dad gifted my mom (really all of us) this trip – to spend time just the three of us – like old times.  It was amazing.

I gave myself a challenge.  I brought only one lens (Lens Baby Composer Pro), along with my little GoPro camera, on this trip.  I knew it would be challenging for me to give up my perfect focus and full control, but I also hoped it would be creatively inspiring.  And that it was.  The freedom that comes with knowing that the lens doesn’t focus perfectly and that you’re going to intentionally create somewhat wonky images was just the challenge I needed.  It made the photography all fun for me, and I am in love with many of the images from the trip.

We packed a lot into ten days, but mostly, we hung out on the balcony of our bungalow suite and created paintings and drawings (and got to take two art classes together – my favorite part of the trip).

So here’s what came out of my little single-lens challenge.  Santa Monica, January 2014.  Mom, sister and me.  <3

kate parker photographySANTA-MON2SANTA-MON3

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Hat Trick


noun:  hat trick

1. three successes of the same kind, esp. consecutive ones within a limited period.
ex. “the couple creates three perfect baby girls, making for an auspicious family hat trick.”

Three little girls.  Three peas in a pod.  Three little pigs.  Three little bears.  Three of anything alike is totally perfect.  Right?  Right.

Every family I get to photograph has a sort of feeling, you know?  Some are hard edged (in a cool, hip sort of way).  Some are funny.  Some are full of crazy and joy.  This family, to me, has always seemed soft but also solid – like a perfect eraser – the kind that feels amazing in your hands, with a subtle texture that makes you want to just hold it between your fingers, squeeze it with great satisfaction, and you nearly WANT to make a mistake so that it can do its perfect erasing job… the kind that erases whatever needs erasing without leaving any traces but somehow leaves the paper perfectly smooth with no damage whatsoever.  Yes, it’s a weird explanation of how a family *feels* to me, but it came to me a few days ago as I was thinking about how I would describe the special qualities of this little family – and I’m going with it.  :)

I love this little (well, not so little anymore) family for their fabulous eraser-like qualities.  (Have I ever told you guys how very picky I am about my erasers?  If not, that is a story for another day, but I’ll say that anyone with an art degree is a bit of an eraser connoisseur.  Not just any eraser will do.  Not the grainy ones that tear your paper.  Not the gummy ones that leave a nasty residue or refuse to hold their shapes solidly, not the ones that are overly hard and leave that gross smudge behind.  No.  I need a perfect eraser when I create something that needs erasing.  But I digress (as usual)…).

I am confident that, when you see the photos of this family below, you will sink into the eraser heaven I’ve described above.  If not, at least you’ll see how cute they are.  :)

laughing little girl sisters 2-smiling-baby 3-toddler-girl 4-little-girl mommy-baby

family of five I am a child and family portrait photographer located in the Historic District of  McKinney, TX.  Come and visit me.  I might be able to find some weird way of describing your family like a random object.  And who doesn’t want to be described like a writing implement, I ask you?!  :p


Like many in business, Thanksgiving marks the early part of a both wonderful and stressful time of year.  It’s wonderful for all the reasons it is wonderful for everyone, and it’s also wonderful because it means a huge amount of work to be done.  It’s stressful because lots of work usually also means lots of stress.

I’m taking the time to remind myself how thankful I am for all of my repeat clients.  This client has been choosing me as their family photographer since their oldest boy was a wee new baby.  I probably don’t say it enough to them, but I truly, TRULY am grateful for them.  They invite me into their lives to record what I know is a brief flash of time when our littles are little.  It’s really an honor, and it allows me to continue to do what I love and to do it to feed my family.  So… thanks for feeding my kids, J family.  We all appreciate it!  😀

The goal, with every family photo session, is, of course, to get a great shot of the whole family.  NOW…

when you have three kids who are five and under, this is not always easy.  I am patient (lie – I’m actually stubborn), and I will power through and give whatever I have in me to get that great family shot.  This session was nothing, though… the family shots came easily.  Keeping all of them happy for long enough to get a great shot of the three boys together… well, we can’t expect it all, now, can we?  I actually love the shots that show the reality of life with kids just as much as the shots that show the happy family.

So here they are – three brothers and their parents – a family I love and appreciate.  Thanks for being my clients!  :)

HOW CUTE are these two?   <3

brothers holding hands


baby boy toddler boy child-photo1 family portrait out take